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Founder of Dance Music Design, Student and Intern at University of Bristol, and member of TEDxUniversityofBristol

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How to make a standout CV/August 28, 2016

I recently updated my CV and decided to redesign and restructure it at the same time. Following on from this, thought I’d share my thoughts and tips on how to create a CV based on my experiences. I produced two videos discussing the structure and contents of the CV, and then examining how to design an eye catching standout resume.

London 2 Cambridge challenge: review and experience/July 24, 2016

Three weeks ago I attempted the London 2 Cambridge 100km ultra challenge. Having injured my knee around 50k, I ended up walking / hobbling most of the second half to finish in a rather slow 18 hours (think I’m going to stick to shorter distances in the future and plan my training better!) Somehow seemed to top the small number of age 18-23 participants though. Also, in the process of attaching my bib to my rucksack 2 minutes before the start managed to puncture my water supply which made things even more interesting!! As painful as it was, it is absolutely nothing compared to the struggle that many people currently suffering from mental health issues face every single day so I’m delighted to have helped raise money for Mind.

The experience itself was fantastic. Despite being painful it was actually enjoyable – and attempting a challenge like this is something that really fills you with an enormous sense of accomplishment. The sense of camaraderie amongst participants was really palpable and the event itself was fantastically well organised – with free energy bars, snacks, cakes, massages and pretty much everything else you could imagine at the rest points. The route was posted for the most part very well – although wandered off track once or twice but never more than a couple of minutes, and glowsticks illuminated the signs when darkness fell. In terms of the Ultra Challenge organisation it is hard to fault them.

However if you are considering doing a challenge like this, how does London 2 Cambridge stack up? Is it the one to go for, or is it better to stick with older, more established and more popular challenges such as the London 2 Brighton ultra?

London 2 Cambridge ultra challenge review:

Review coming shortly…



My depression songs: Forever young/July 21, 2016

Still one of my favourite songs. This certainly isn’t a happy song, after all it has its roots in the cold war era. The message is clear – we don’t want to live under this shadow for our whole lives. This meaning echoes with the thoughts I have when suffering from depression.

It’s not so much a sing along song about the perks of being young. It ties in to a kind of ‘nostalgic’ sad feeling – a feeling of not being able to imagine a future, not wanting to get old. This feeling is not wanting to die necessarily but not wanting to maintain an existence without any kind of meaning.

Do you really want to live forever? Sometimes the shadow of depression feels like an endless pit – do I want to stay like this, stay young – or will my life stay like this. It’s “hard to get old without a cause”, but do we really want to live forever young?

“Hoping for the best but expecting the worst”.

“The music’s played by the, the mad man”.

My depression songs: How to save a life/July 19, 2016

Been on the verge of tears listening to this song so many times. This song just sums up every single thought I have – every single wish and need for help, every time I would not talk and would hold everything in. Every single line means something, and it encapsulates the journey through depression for me.

“Step one, you say, we need to talk, he walks. You say sit down, it’s just a talk.

“He smiles politely back at you. You stare politely right on through”

For months, I didn’t want to talk about it. I wanted to curl up inside, not face it – not tell anyone else about it. Every time I could have raised it I’d walk.

“Let him know that you know best, cos after all, you do know best”

When I finally did reach out a few friends wouldn’t talk – they’d say to go see a doctor. Every time I’d hear this lyric it would seem sarcastic. Yes it was the right thing to do – I did need to see a GP. But in that moment, if a friend’s depressed or suicidal and approaches you – this is the most hollow advice – it’s the worst thing to say in that situation and can make them feel much worse.


My depression songs: Madworld/January 25, 2016

Madworld is part of a series of depression songs.

One of my favourite songs of all time: Madworld. An old one – they lyrics were originally written by a 19 year old (part of Tears for Fears) going through depression. The song resonates all the more as a result. The lyrics are nostalgic and harrowing at the same time. They scream existentialism. What’s the point of living, what are we doing here? It’s also the closing songs to one of my favourite films of all time: Donny Darko.

“Bright and early for their daily races, going nowhere, going nowhere”.

We go around, all doing things, rushing around are daily lives, yet what does it achieve?