Oliver Daniel

Founder of Dance Music Design, Student and Intern at University of Bristol, and member of TEDxUniversityofBristol

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These are passion projects I have pursued outside of my normal daily school or university life. Some of these were collaborations as part of a team, and others were personal interests I wanted to pursue myself.

My first real ‘project’, wasn’t intended as such at all, but turned into a small business: Dance Music Design. I fell in love with music when I discovered trance. In learning to produce my own music I decided to share information I had gathered from hundreds of hours spent learning. Dance Music Design was launched in summer 2013 and is still active today.

My love of technology led me to apply for an internship at PwC. I spent a week delving into different areas including cyber-security and IT Risk Assurance. I currently do two internships with the University of Bristol, one as part of the web team in the Public Relations office, and a second working with PolicyBristol. I have now been working in both these roles for 5 months and have expanded my knowledge of how large institutions and corporations operate, as well as getting to see ‘behind the scenes’ as it were at the University.

The decision to skip some of my lectures to travel to Dublin for WebSummit 2015 provided me with the opportunity to network and meet some absolutely fascinating people, as well as somewhat surreally dance bumping into some tech giants in one of Dublin’s more bizarre nightclubs, Copper Face Jacks.

I am also part of a team organising TEDxUniversityofBristol 2016, the University’s inaugural TEDx conference.

Despite my often hectic schedule, I am constantly on the look out for exciting new projects. I am looking to pursue a career within the technology industry, and love working on projects I believe in.

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